Zoom, Zoom, Zooooooom. Prepping for the Next Adventure–My Capstone, Graduating, Moving, Christmas and My New Apartment.

Okay, so it’s been a while and everything’s been crazy, and I figure it’s time for an update! As most of the folks who read this know, I ended up getting a full… Continue reading

The Six Words You NEVER Say At NASA

“but it works in Kerbal Space Program.” hahahahahahahaha. Kerbal Death Toll: 11 Kerbal rockets that ended like the Proton rocket:2 Kerbal Parachute malfunctions: 4 Kerbals on the Mun: 2 Kerbals unable to get… Continue reading

The Aerospace Games

All of the aerospace companies in SoCal get together and have the interns compete against each other on the beach every summer in games like beach volleyball, tug-of-war, a relay race, water balloon… Continue reading

Bobak Ferdowsi Smack Talked Our Trivia Team

Bobak, aka, “Mohawk Guy” was on a different team that showed up to Slaters where we play trivia. Our team name references NASA, and some of us had JPL tshirts on so he… Continue reading

Deep Space Network: Goldstone

Oh my goodness. I got to go to Goldstone to see the Deep Space Network’s Satellites. It was pretty much one of the coolest things ever. I played “hooky” from work with one… Continue reading

You Haven’t Seen Anything Until You’ve Seen NASA Employees Play Giant Jenga

You haven’t seen anything until you’ve seen NASA employees play giant jenga. Check it out: The problem arises when it gets so tall that it reaches the canopy and you can no longer… Continue reading

ET Phone Home: My Family Comes to Visit!

Okay so for the last week I’ve been telling anyone willing to listen or anyone stuck in a confined space with me that my family (minus my brother Tommy) were coming to visit… Continue reading

IT Petting Zoo

So today at work we had the IT petting zoo held by OCIO, the Office of the Chief Information Officer, where we got to touch and playtest a TON of the newest cutting… Continue reading

My First Time In the Pacific Ocean

Okay so actually I’ve been to the beach thrice now, but I’m combining them all into the same post because it’s been FASCINATING. I was SURE that if I went in the ocean… Continue reading

Joshua Tree

So our schedule works out that we work 80 hours over nine days, which means that we get every other Friday off. This past weekend, we went camping at Joshua Tree. The next… Continue reading