My First Time In the Pacific Ocean

Okay so actually I’ve been to the beach thrice now, but I’m combining them all into the same post because it’s been FASCINATING.

I was SURE that if I went in the ocean I was going to lose a limb to a shark. I even had a little chat with myself about which limb I’d rather lose–my left leg. Every time anything brushes up against me in the ocean, I go to kick it with my left leg incase it’s a shark.

I saw the Pacific ocean for the very first time when I went to Santa Monica Pier. Holy cow. I was prepared for it to be enormous, but I wasn’t prepared for the types of people it attracts. There were folks from all walks of life –they ranged from people who pay thousands of dollars a month to live in an apartment overlooking the beach all the way to homeless street performers. I wish I would have taken more photos.

I had never seen slacklining before–these guys were ridiculous–doing backflips off the this tightrope…er…slackline. The would sit on it then jump. They let us all try and I couldn’t even keep my balance well enough to stand on the line, much less walk, much less jump or anything. Absolutely crazy.

As we walked along the pier, there was a man who drew characatures. He was ridiculously talented, but didn’t have prices listed. We stopped by and he wanted to draw my friend Tim. Tim politely declined with the typical excuse that he was a poor college kid and didn’t have the money for it. But this street artist did not want to take no for an answer. He asked Tim if he wanted to trade his shoes for a drawing and Tim declined, the artist then upped the ante and wanted Tim to wager his shoes on a coin toss–heads free drawing, tails then Tim would give the artist his shoes and walk away. It got absolutely ridiculous. We were all egging Tim on to do it, but he eventually made the safest choice and walked away.

We then came upon the cutest old magician who had probably been doing his act for the last 150 years on Saturdays straight, but his slight of hand was ridiculously impressive.

The next day I went to Venice Beach.


Words have a hard time describing Venice beach, and I would highly recommend visiting if you get the chance. It’s totally ridiculous in every way. First off, Charlie and had to park like 14 blocks away off Ocean Avenue (remember that Yellowcard song? Ya. That Ocean Ave.) We then figured out why it was called Venice–there are all these canals all over the place that run in a grid pattern like Venice. I did not take enough pictures here–it seems to be a magnet for the most….unique…people I’ve ever seen in the same place in my life. There was muscle beach–where the oiled up tan men went and posed on exercise equipment. There was also a guy who jumped on glass. Like, legitimately. I cringed when he did it–and he was totally fine! I couldn’t believe it.

I was a big fan of the affirmative and positive graffiti everywhere in Venice.

I got the giggles like an 8-year-old when I went into the ocean. The waves coming in and just the fact at how something so natural, where life began could be so calming, soothing, and entertaining.

This weekend we went to Huntington beach to go surfing. We had the best of intentions to surf, but the waves were so intense, that we decided we didn’t want to die in the ocean. Instead I took a long nap on the beach, played beach volleyball–I’m practically Misty May, and then we had a bonfire.

My mom has this gps tracker on my phone, called google latitudes  so she can see everywhere I go. It’s kinda creepy, but not really–it’s a two way app, so I can see where she is too. My litmus test of places I should be is “do I want my mom knowing I’m here?” if the answer is yes, then I stay. If the answer is no…then I reassess. So yes, mom. Surfing is sports and I am petrified of sharks eating my limbs–you know me well.

Overall, I think it is important to note that I’ve been in the ocean three times now and haven’t lost a limb to a shark. Surfing is still on this list, but for when the waves are a bit smaller.

One thought on “My First Time In the Pacific Ocean

  1. I think this may be my favorite post yet! You really painted an amazing picture for people like me who have never visited the Pacific Ocean. Also I’d suggest maybe skipping Shark Week this year (if you watch) to avoid shark anxiety. Though that seems like an impossible thing to ask of someone.

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