Zoom, Zoom, Zooooooom. Prepping for the Next Adventure–My Capstone, Graduating, Moving, Christmas and My New Apartment.

Okay, so it’s been a while and everything’s been crazy, and I figure it’s time for an update! As most of the folks who read this know, I ended up getting a full time offer from JPL.

GETTING THE BORING STUFF OUT OF THE WAY: I just finished up my last semester at Hogwarts The University of Wisconsin-Madison. The month of December was NUTS. I had 2 massive 15+page papers, a website, two group creative projects all due, and one big final to study for, and my final senior capstone presentation, all while looking for an apartment in LA, while Christmas shopping, while prepping to graduate and moving out of Madison with strep throat. Wah. I can easily say that it was the most stressed out I’ve ever been. Wah. However now I’m out of the woods and into the fun part.

My finals and capstone went well.

It snowed so hard on the day of my graduation that I couldn’t walk–we got about a foot of snow dumped on us an hour before the ceremony.

The movers ended up coming to get all of my stuff on Christmas Eve.

photo 3 (4) photo 2 (4) Gracie wanted to help me pack for my move. The packers and movers were awesome–I felt like a princess not really having to lift a finger (except to clean out the 21 years of junk that had accumulated in my closet).

photo 4 (4)

My dad chillin with Mark Twain in the town square.

The day after Christmas my dad and I flew out to sign an apartment. After driving through multiple neighborhoods with bars over the windows and seedy folks around, we left the first day of apartment hunting feeling a bit defeated. We went to check into the hotel, and the concierge, like a sign from the universe, saw JPL on my bill and asked what I was in town for, and we told him that we were apartment hunting and struggling. He suggested we look at Monrovia.

MONROVIA WAS THE CUTEST! It’s not the urban metropolis I envisioned myself living in–no busy streets or hustle and bustle. But I feel safe walking around living in a secure gated building by myself. I figure I’ve always lived in a small town/ 20 min away from the action. I can drive less than 15 minutes to Old Town Pasadena for trivia at Slater’s 50/50 or just drive 25 minutes to downtown LA if I want a loud, wild night. The whole place seems very home-y where I can set root in. There is a market in the main street every Friday night, and the Kettlecorn stand is outside my door.  I can literally walk to everything. I got a little bit of a Pleasantville vibe from it–it all seems a bit /too/ perfect, so I really hope people don’t turn into Zombies at night. The population is about a decade older than I am–settled in their careers, which is something that I think I’ll grow in to. After talking with some of the folks in the shops, a lot of JPLers live there, so that’ll be nice to have that connection. Oh and it’s only a 15min drive to JPL. Perfect.

Kettle corn right outside my front door on Friday nights.(Does that make me a grownup now that instead of my Saturday morning tummy ache being from $2 long islands/local taps, now it's gonna be from Kettle Corn?)

Kettle corn right outside my front door on Friday nights.(Does that make me a grownup now that instead of my Saturday morning tummy ache being from $2 long islands/local taps, now it’s gonna be from Kettle Corn?)

The apartment itself is AWESOME! It’ll be like living in a resort–a big pool and common space with a fireplace, a rec room with cable and suitable for parties, etc. I get a parking space and a washer and dryer right in the apt!  The whole place is a bit more than I can afford, but I figure I’ve always pinched pennies, it’s doable and it’s a place I can grow into. I figure if I get going and it’s too tight, I can find a roommate and upgrade to a 2bdrm in the same building to split the rent, or find one of my intern friends to split a room for the summer, etc.

The view from my front door.

The view from my front door.

They let me choose paint colors!

They let me choose paint colors!

Point being, through all this mess is that in 3 short weeks I’ll be settled in my new place.  Ya’ll are going to come visit me, right?

Using my 6' 7" dad for scale.

Using my 6′ 7″ dad for scale.